Digital experience

What if you could benefit from the expertise of other professionals working with digital and customer experience? While at the same time becoming a part of a bigger network of professionals within your field. 

The digital experience group is about focused time face to face with people who have faced your challenges and found effective ways of working. Your projects might just end up benefitting, when you are able to steer clear of the mistakes that other digital workplace professionals have already made on your behalf.

Our new Digital Experience groups will launch in early 2019. The simple idea is to bring together professionals working with digital experience and open sharing - with guest speakers and the experienced chief digital officer Matthew Garrepy moderating each meeting. 

Upcoming meetings

  • Atlanta on October 10

  • Orlando on September 18

Topics covered

  • Digital Leadership

  • Customer experience

  • Impact: metrics, measurement; analytics and reporting; better use of data

  • Key performance indicators (KPIs): operational and strategic; benchmarking; etc.

  • The marketing technology landscape

  • Omni-channel presence: web, social, apps & more.

  • Establishing and optimising web governance structure: roles, responsibilities and channels of communication.

Matthew Garrepy, Chief Digital Officer at  Solodev

Matthew Garrepy, Chief Digital Officer at Solodev

The group is moderated by Matthew Garrepy. Matthew is currently Chief digital officer at Solodev. He has an impressive track record creating digital experiences, highly functional websites and applications.

Boye & Company provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings. There are expert guest speakers at most meetings to provide further input to the group. Guest speakers could be relevant customer cases, analysts or industry standard organisations.

Each meeting will result in a public document as a statement from the group intended to stir public discussion and further advance the field.

Member profile

This is a confidential forum where experienced product managers can meet, set the agenda for future industry developments, provide feedback and share thoughts and ideas in an inspiring setting.

If you have several years of experience, a broad range of knowledge and your working day is dedicated to providing the best in class digital experience then you have the ideal profile. Each group is limited to 20 members.

New members will need to be approved by existing members to ensure the right composition.

Your career benefits

  • Enjoying honest conversations in a confidential forum.

  • Learning from the experience of others facing similar challenges.

  • Receiving inspiration from peers in other industries or organisations.

  • Sharing your ideas or challenges and receiving honest feedback and advice.

  • Furthering your career through extending your network and being better equipped for your job