Mads Porse Norlyk (DK)

  • Senior UX Designer  at Jyske Bank

About Mads Porse Norlyk

Mads has a passion for designing new concepts based on customer needs as well as developing, maintaining, and driving a digital roadmap. He has experience working with webdesign, apps, and screens on hardware.

Mads finds it inspiring to guide and motivate a design team and knows how to communicate ideas and concepts with Keynote or wireframes as his preferred tools. Ideally, he works with improvements in a triangulation between data analysis, user testing and professional theory and experience.

Mads believes that co-creation and daily professional challenges from colleagues are among the things it takes to create an innovative working culture. Something Mads always aspires.


About Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank is the third largest bank in Denmark based on market share. The headquarters are located in Silkeborg, and the bank has offices, branches, or subsidiaries in Denmark, France, Germany, Gibraltar, the Netherlands, and Switzerland.