Melissa Breker (CAN)

  • Co-leading organizations through pivotal transitions

  • Founder at Breker Group, which builds better and deliberate experiences with communication

  • Lives in Vancouver and enjoys table tennis, in particular in Aarhus

Boye 19 Aarhus conference

Jury member: Small Feature Award

Track leader: Communication

Presentation: Intentional Change: Facilitating Team Adoption of New Ideas
TRACK: Culture & Change
DATE: Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Boye 19 Brooklyn conference

Presentation: Collaborative content: tools to improve communication and content outcomes
Communication (May 9)
Workshop: Building Stronger Content Teams (May 7)

Boye 18 Aarhus Conference

Workshop: Building Stronger Content Teams
Tuesday, Nov 6

Collaborative content: tools to improve communication and content outcomes
DATE: Thursday, Nov 8

About Melissa Breker

Melissa is a strategic thinker, workshop leader, and coach that helps financial institutions, government, and agencies grow and change. Melissa works closely with clients to build trusting partnerships to create long-term impact. As a communicator and facilitator, she supports the process of change through connecting people around short and long-term goals.

Melissa works with creative agencies, customer experience teams, product developers, and marketing strategists to inspire and evolve teams to generate results. She takes a collaborative, systematic, thoughtful, and analytical approach to all that she does.

About Breker Group

Breker Group helps organizations and their people challenge the status quo and transform content and business teams to meet strategic goals. They’re passionate about sharing a clear-cut perspective on how you can communicate change and how your content team performs for collective impact.


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