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Ronald Wanink (NL)

At Ipadama

Boye 18 Conference

There's a scratch at your software!
Product Manager
Monday, Nov 5

About Ronald Wanink

Ronald Wanink is founder of IPAdama, a Dutch company specialized in Product Management and Intellectual Property management. He has a long standing track record as product manager and CTO of a number of successful software product companies like  Backbase, Pallas Athena (acquired by Lexmark), Data Distilleries (acquired by SPSS), Tridion (acquired by SDL), Universit and Servoy. Ronald is a teacher of Software Product Management at University of Utrecht, holds a Masters degree in Mathematics and Economics from the University of Twente, and graduated at the University of Jersualem with Nobel price laureate Prof. R. Aumann. He is a former Mathematics Olympiad price winner. 

About Ipadama

IPAdama specializes in Intellectual Property management, offering compliance and certification services for investors, and consultancy & tooling for product software companies. It is based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands