Automation & Robotics

What if you could benefit from the expertise of your peers and find new methods to handle your challenges? You might just end up succeeding with your projects faster - and avoid repeating the mistakes that others have already made.  While at the same time becoming a part of a bigger network of professionals within your field. 

The Automation & Robotics groups meet 3-4 times a year.
Meetings are held in Danish or English and Boye & Company provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings. There are guest speakers at most meetings to provide new insights and further input to the group. Guest speakers are typically relevant customer cases, analysts or experts within the field.

Member profile

This is a confidential forum where experienced automation and robotics professionals can meet, provide feedback and share thoughts and ideas in an inspiring setting. If you have several years of experience, a broad range of knowledge and your working day is dedicated to automation and robotics then you have the ideal profile. Each group is limited to 20 members. New members will need to be approved by existing members to ensure the right composition.


Among the founding members in this community are Technical University of Denmark and University of Copenhagen


Upcoming meetings

  • Danish group

    • Aarhus on November 8

    • Copenhagen on February 26

  • German group

    • Hamburg on January 16

  • Norwegian group:

    • Oslo on February 5

Topics covered

Here are some of the topics we’ve covered in 2018:

  • Agile RPA

  • Case studies: City of Roskilde, Technical University of Denmark, Ørsted

  • Evaluating RPA solutions

  • Finance automation

  • Governance

  • Why do we automate?

The group is moderated by experienced Digital Transformation Specialist Rune Stæhr.