Customer Experience

What if you could benefit from the expertise of your peers and find new methods to handle your challenges? While at the same time becoming a part of a bigger network of customer experience professionals.

Our aim is for you to stay on top of the developments within customer experience, so you can provide the best in class exeprience for your customers.

Due to the fact that your customers will benefit, when you are able to steer clear of the mistakes that other customer experience professionals have already made on your behalf.

We are accepting trials for this group now, so consider being one of the first to explore, and discuss the developments within customer experience.

The group has a limited number of seats.

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We’ll look at trends: current and forecast, tools and technologies and behaviours as well as what organisations are doing – and crucially, why they are doing it. Topics will include:

  • Personalization

  • Segmentation

  • Customer journey

  • Customer experience transformation

  • Customer conversations

  • Omnichannel marketing

  • Unified commerce

  • Marketing automation

  • UX


The Customer Experience Peer group is moderated by Karsten Bubber Outzen.

Karsten Bubber Outzen been working in the field of communication, marketing and IT for over 15 years both as a consultant, running his own digital agency, digital strategy director at one of the largest digital agencies in Denmark with more than 250 employees across Europe. With a background in informations science he has thorough and deep knowledge of UX, marketing, strategy and communication.

Is this peer group right for you?

Anyone who is working with, or is interested in customer trends. Typically, we draw on a diversity of experiences from IT, communication, marketing, E-commerce managers, and designers.  We focus on both marketing and digital trends as well the evergreens of customer experiences.

Your career benefits

  • Enjoying honest conversations in a confidential forum.

  • Learning from the experience of others facing similar challenges.

  • Receiving inspiration from peers in other industries or organisations.

  • Sharing your ideas or challenges and receiving honest feedback and advice.

  • Furthering your career through extending your network and being better equipped for your job

Boye & Co takes on the responsibility of

  • Organising meetings so you just have to show up. 

  • Finding and introduce new group members that will both extend the group’s horizon, but also match very well with the given group’s roles and mindset. 

  • Preparing and moderating the group to ensure exciting and fruitful discussions.

  • Facilitating the group development to ensure appropriate communication culture and confidentiality

What happens in between meetings?

Boye & Company provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings.

There are guest speakers at most meetings to provide new insights and further input to the group.