Corporate Innovation & Intrapreneurship

The group is a learning space where corporate innovators and intrapreneurs can meet, exchange experiences, co-create and refine approaches and methodologies for innovating and creating a culture of entrepreneurship within the organization.

We are accepting trials for this group now, so consider being one of the first to explore and discuss new forms of innovation.
The group has a limited number of seats.

Next meetings

  • November 7 in Aarhus, Denmark (co-located with the Boye 19 conference)

  • January 22, 2020 in Zurich

  • February 5 in the Netherlands


  • Creating sustainable change in your organization

  • Collaboration across departments for enterprise innovation

  • Overcoming obstacles and barriers for innovation in your organization

  • Re-inventing your industry from within

  • Building and running Innovation Programs

  • Driving your innovation and overcoming barriers


The group is moderated by seasoned corporate innovator Michael Bednar-Brandt. In his primary role Michael is Head of Business Innovation at Oracle NEXT, an international co-innovation program spawning EMEA and APAC. His extensive experience, international horizon and very human mindset will guarantee your questions, challenges and ideas will find the space they deserve within group meetings.

Your career benefits

  • Enjoying honest conversations in a confidential forum.

  • Learning from the experience of others facing similar challenges.

  • Receiving inspiration from peers in other industries or organisations.

  • Sharing your ideas or challenges and receiving honest feedback and advice.

  • Furthering your career through extending your network and being better equipped for your job

Boye & Co takes care of

  • Organising meetings so you just have to show up. 

  • Finding and introduce new group members that will both extend the group’s horizon, but also match very well with the given group’s roles and mindset. 

  • Preparing and moderating the group to ensure exciting and fruitful discussions.

  • Facilitating the group development to ensure appropriate communication culture and confidentiality 

What takes place in a group meeting?

Boye & Company provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings.

There are guest speakers at most meetings to provide new insights and further input to the group. Guest speakers will be seasoned innovators and intrapreneurs providing inspiration to the group from an outside perspective.

Language, time, place and travel

The group will meet 3-4 times a year in western Europe. Meetings are held in English, but we might consider expanding with a group held in German.

The group meetings takes from morning til midday.