Product Management

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What if you could benefit from the expertise of other product managers and discover both new and proven methods to handle your challenges?

You might just end up succeeding with your projects faster and avoid repeating the mistakes that other product managers have already made.  Ultimately better products!

Upcoming meetings

  • European group

  • Swiss group

    • Basel/Zurich on February 5, 2020

  • UK group

    • London on February 26, 2020

  • US East Coast groups

    • New York on January 15, 2020

    • Boston on January 16, 2020

  • US West Coast

    • San Francisco on February 10, 2020

The product management peer groups meet 4 times a year in North America, UK and Europe.

Meetings are held in English, and a group leader provides meeting minutes from each meeting as well as an online forum for members to continue the conversations in between the meetings. There are expert guest speakers at most meetings to provide further input to the group. Guest speakers could be relevant customer cases, analysts or industry standard organisations.

Each meeting will result in a public document as a statement from the group intended to stir public discussion and further advance the field.

Current members

Among the members in our product management community are:  ABB, Bühler, Contentful, Coredna, CoreMedia, Crownpeak, eZ, GatherContent, LexisNexis and Magnolia. 

Topics covered

Product management topics are the main themes for the group and here are some of the topics we’ve covered:



Every group meeting is facilitated by a host with substantial knowledge and experience working with product management at top positions; addressing product management from multiple points of entry; covering strategy, UX, marketing as well as content throughout their career. 

Rasmus Skjoldan is currently Head of Product Management at Magnolia. He has a impressive track record creating road maps and developing product strategies that deliver; tackling UX, content, and marketing along the way. 

Otto de Graaf has immense experience within product management and is used to working strategically from different angles and varying outsets. He helps software companies build a stronger foundation for growth and leadership in their market segments. He is currently teaching at Universiteit Utrecht and has a background as chief marketing officer at ADAM Software.

Janus Boye has worked within product management and has been moderating groups on this and other topics since 2003. 

Member profile

This is a confidential forum where experienced product managers can meet, set the agenda for future industry developments, provide feedback and share thoughts and ideas in an inspiring setting.

If you have several years of experience, a broad range of knowledge and your working day is dedicated to product management then you have the ideal profile. Each group is limited to 20 members.

New members will need to be approved by existing members
to ensure the right composition.