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Digital Leadership Conferences since 2005


The conference website is still up and can be found here: Boye 18 conference

As we’ve gone through numerous digital platforms and learned our lessons along the way, we haven’t kept all the past conference sites up and running. Instead we are maintaining this page with some of the key conference highlights, learnings and some of the reviews that’s been openly shared.


Suse Cairns on stage delivering her keynote and suggesting to make wonderment our KPI

Suse Cairns on stage delivering her keynote and suggesting to make wonderment our KPI

In Philadelphia we held our 7th annual conference, which featured Suse Cairns from Baltimore Museum of Art with a keynote on designing a digital experience. At first glance it might have seem to be all about the museum world, but if you listened carefully, you probably found many parallels to your own workplace. Key themes included how digital has changed how we experience the world and the evil data collection.

Other keynote speakers were John Stepper famous for Working out Loud and Steven Pemberton on HTML5 as the new Flash.


"Half of the virgins we sacrifice don’t help the crop. Trouble is, we don’t know which half"

Another memorable slide from Tim Walters in his Aarhus 15 keynote on how ads have become a joke.

Another memorable slide from Tim Walters in his Aarhus 15 keynote on how ads have become a joke.

This was one of many memorable quotes & slides from Tim Walters in his legendary keynote on "the total impossibility of customer experience management".


Our 10th anniversary conference in Aarhus was a great success. Tjeerd Brenninkmeijer from Bloomreach wrote about key trends at the conference and included this friendly testimonial:

Boye events are different. They're more than just traditional conferences, they’re really centered around networking and sharing knowledge among peers in a friendly atmosphere. It’s an event organized by people with a passion and deep understanding of the online space, not built around the wishes of vendors (read sponsors)

Intranet grand old man Martin White also gave a raving review called it the best yet!

the conference set an almost unattainable benchmark for both content and organisation

The team who made our Philadelphia 14 conference happen.

The team who made our Philadelphia 14 conference happen.

In Philadelphia in May, we held our 5th annual conference which featured keynotes by Donna Spencer from Australia, Rose Cameron from the US and Tim Walters from Germany.

Jake DiMare gave a very well-received talk on So Happy Together - Digital Project Managers and Content Strategists are, while Rachel Happe spoke on the promise of social organization.


Making the trip from Zagreb, Croatia Ivo Lukac fro Netgen published a very positive conference review. He highlighted the lack of sales presentations, the networking opportunities and open source confusion. He also wrote:

In last few years I had the chance to be on many conferences but rarely on such perfectly organised one. You can see and feel how much experience Mr. Boye and his team have in organising events, they are really using it to their advantage

2012 - Sharing is Caring

With our theme inspired from the museum world, we held 2 conferences in Philadelphia in May and in Aarhus in November. Here’s notes from the Philadelphia conference written by Hans Keijmel at Bloomreach. To quote:

Overall, it was very well done conference – and one that we’re sure to return to.


2 reviews of the Aarhus conference:


A big year for us as we launched in Philadelphia. Phil Kemelor shared web analytics insights from the conference. Phil had previously visited us in Aarhus and fortunately we did not disappoint on our US launch:

One of the reasons I like the Boye conferences is because most of the folks are content managers, information architects and user experience professionals and there is a spirit of conversation, questioning and inquisitiveness that gets me thinking outside of the web analytics box.


Industry analyst Alan Pelz-Sharpe wrote this review on his trip back to Boston from Aarhus:

“This is the premier global event of its kind – and provides a very open and hospitable atmosphere for discussion, education and business. In addition it gets you to a part of the world you probably wouldn’t normally see, along with superb hospitality – and good food!” 



This was the first one. The founders of Umbraco, Typo3 and Sitecore were among the participants and so was over 100 other friendly web professionals.

Besides the keynotes, program highlights included Adriaan Bloem from Leiden University on “The challenges of a large website with decentralized editors” and Brendan Quinn from the BBC on Real-world experience in implementing live metadata.