Amanda Skura (US)

Digital Platform Strategist at Audi of America

Boye 19 Brooklyn conference

Track: Business Development (May 9)

About Amanda Skura

Since she was young, Amanda has been passionate about how things work and how people use them. With almost 15 years in the industry, Amanda's realized that her initial curiosity for how things work has been key to understanding business models and the change management necessary to operationalize new technology.

In her day to day, she and her team strive to be end-user advocates and ensure balanced decisions are made that consider development and support costs, risk, end-user experience, ongoing maintainability and reliability of their work.

Currently Amanda leads the Digital Platform team at Audi of America where she focuses on the enablement and implementation of marketing technologies, product development for key business platforms, the buildout of analytics capabilities and driving cars whenever she can. Previously she oversaw the Digital Personalization Platform at Marriott International.

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