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Andrew Pope (UK)

  • Partner, Innovation and Collaboration Consultant at Innosis

  • Has helped companies around the world to kick-start innovation and co-creation.

Boye 19 Brooklyn conference

Track: Collaboration & Innovation (May 9)

Boye 18 conference

Workshop: Innovation - Staying hungry in paradise
DATE: Tuesday, Nov 6

Collaboration that empowers our hidden innovators
TRACK: Collaboration & Innovation
DATE: Wednesday, Nov 7

Roundtable discussions: Goodbye middle management
Wednesday, Nov 7

About Andrew Pope

The end goal of collaboration is creativity. Andrew designs innovative and collaborative workplaces to help companies release this: through digital innovation programs, ideation, engagement and most importantly: trust. He’s helped companies around the world including some of the best known in oil and gas and finance, as well as in manufacturing and engineering to kick-start innovation and co-creation.

Andrew loves what he does. He prefers to embed the right behaviours through workshops and discovery rather than producing reports. It’s about connecting people with people, with problems, needs and issues and about developing habits that make us everyday innovators.

When not consulting with clients, Andrew also leads our Future Workplace peer groups in the Netherlands and Norway.

About Innosis

Rather than innovation for the few, Innosis builds teams of innovative thinkers. Practical skills and techniques to get teams collaborating and innovating. Innosis focus on how people interact, how they behave in digital environments. Tools get the attention, so they provide the skills your people need to use them effectively.


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