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Bjørn Høj (DK)

  • Costumer Experience Manager at Ikano Bank

Boye 19 Conference

CMS Expert Group
DATE: Monday, Nov 4

Boye 18 Conference

CMS Expert Group: Towards a Super Web Team
DATE: Tuesday, Nov 6

About Bjørn Høj

Bjørn has a special interest in data being the key component of winning the digital transformation. The data strategy is the most-valuable-player of positioning 1st in a very competitive arena. Bjørn is working as a Customer Experience Manager at Ikano Bank, where he has a role as Product Owner for cloud solutions within the Digital marketing area. He has establish an agile product team with end to end ownership in a traditional waterfall organization. The outcome is superfast deliveries with potentially the fastest web-platform in the industry on a true serverless cloud infrastructure.

About Ikano Bank

Ikano Bank offers simple and smart banking and financial solutions. Ikano Bank offers products which include private label cards, credit cards, loans and savings accounts. They deliver sales finance and customer insight services to retail partners and provide companies with leasing and factoring solutions.