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Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard (DK)

  • Development Consultant with Design and IT at UCN act2learn TEKNOLOGI

Boye 18 Conference

Add Value - a game on service design
TRACK: Product Manager
DATE: Monday, Nov 5

About Cecilie Kalhøj Kobbelgaard

Cecilie is a design and service strategist, with a constant focus on the customer and their needs, desires and wishes. She loves to challenge and innovate the value propositions and business cases of companies and has a great variety of different companies within both the private and public sector in her consultancy portfolio.

Cecilie is trained as a civil engineer within service design and has the past 6 years been working as a consultant it the UCN act2learn. Her focus on the customer and what the company offers has been applied within different areas such as social media management, digital marketing, management consulting, innovation management and strategic communication field within the organisation.

About UCN act2learn TEKNOLOGI

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