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Georg Kolb (DE)

  • Managing Partner at Klenk & Hoursch

Boye 18 Conference

Six maxims for digital communication
DATE: Thursday, Nov 8

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Six maxims for digital communication

About Georg Kolb

Georg is a senior communication and the Managing Director of Klenk & Hoursch based in Munich. He has studied literature, philosophy, mathematics and history at the University of Munich.
Since working on his PhD in literature, Georg has been studying how stories and the media we use to tell them shape the way we think and act. In times of continuous change, more and more of our stories have open endings. At the same time, digitalization has provided everyone with a public voice. As a result, the role of corporate communications and the way we work has changed.

Georg has specialized in the area of Enterprise 2.0 & digital workplace. He joined the agency in 2014 and brings over 20 years of experience in communications and marketing to his assignments, including Chief of Innovation at global PR agency Text 100 in New York, Business Director at Pleon in Dusseldorf. Georg is a frequent speaker at the School for Communication and Management (SCM).

About Klenk & Hoursch

Klenk & Hoursch ranks among the leading owner-managed agencies for methodological corporate and brand communication in the digital era. Klenk & Hoursch works for DAX-30 and Fortune 500 companies and they have received awards for many of their campaigns and projects.