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Jonathan Phillips (UK)

  • Founder of ClarityDW

Boye 19 Brooklyn conference

TRACK LEADER: Collaboration & Innovation

Boye 18 Conference

TRACK HOST: Collaboration & Innovation
DATE: Wednesday, Nov 7
Informal session on digital workplace
DATE: Wednesday, Nov 7

About Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips is an independent digital strategy consultant, focusing on communication, collaboration and digital workplace technologies. With 20 years blue chip experience, he is a regular keynote speaker, contributor to the digital community and a recognised global expert.

He is a communication advisor to UK government and the University of Bristol, charity chairman, non-exec director and co-founder of

About ClarityDW

ClarityDW is a digital workplace consultancy with 15 years practical, hands-on experience. They give down-to-earth advice on your digital communication and collaboration services to help you get the best from your digital workplace technology.

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