Kasia Hall (US)

  • Executive Communications Manager at Microsoft

  • Based in Seattle

Boye 19 Aarhus Conference

PRESENTATION: 5 Leaders, 5 Stories
TIME: Wednesday, Nov 6th

About Kasia Hall

Kasia Hall is a former-award winning journalist who has a history of developing smart, engaging communications programs that get results. Kasia runs executive communications programs at Microsoft within the company’s AI and Mixed Reality division. Previously she served as an interim VP of the Portland, OR office for Matter Communications, a brand elevation agency, focusing on overall account strategy and direction. In addition to her role at Matter she also served at the PR Director at TEDxPortland, the largest TEDx in North America.

She is passionate about the power of a story -- how it can change perceptions, drive people to action, shape a conversation in a new direction or create a new one.

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