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Dr. Kris Lohmann (DE)

  • Manager

  • e-Commerce professional with a background in product development and UX

Boye 18 Conference

Innovation in e-Commerce: Insights from an upcoming and growing home & living online store
TRACK: Digital Commerce track
DATE: Wednes
day, Nov 7
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About Dr. Kris Lohmann

Kris currently works for OTTO and runs the special shop with a team of skilled professionals. Prior to that, he worked as Product Manager for OTTO and as UX Lead for CoreMedia. Kris built the first website for a client in the age of 16 years. Understanding and shaping the interaction between digital systems and human cognition is what drives Kris. Recently, he has put more focus on how organizations can use innovative technology for their benefit and what they need to do so. 

Kris holds a PhD in Computer Science from Hamburg University. His research focuses on human-computer interaction. Prior to that, Kris studied Technical Communication at RWTH Aachen.