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Lars Bøgner (DK)

  • Digital Chief for SOS Børnebyerne (SOS Childrens Villages Denmark)

  • 20 years experience in digital marketing managing

  • Experience as manager for senior digital people, in direction setting and mastering the customer journey with all its data driven optimization aspects

Boye 18 conference

TRACK HOST: Project Leadership
DATE: Wednesday, Nov 7

About Lars Bøgner

Lars has more than 20 years experience as digital manager within both large global organisations like Radiometer, LEO Pharma, VELUX, and small companies like Oticon Medical and the NGO SOS Childrens Villages. 

Lars’s main focus is the outside-in perspective with the Customer Journey as turning point. As team lead for experienced project managers and subject matter experts Lars’s focus is on data driven innovation with a MVP test & learn approach.

About SOS Børnebyerne

SOS Childrens Villages is the world's largest non-profit organization caring for children without parental care, or at risk of losing it.

Last year our dedicated supporters helped us improve the lives of more than one million children and their families with 449 education facilities, 79 medical centres, 30 emergency relief operations and 700 family strengthening and community programmes. In our 571 villages in 135 countries we are caring for more than 60,000 children, providing quality education and healthcare in a family-like environment. Read more at or