Mads Troelsgaard.jpg

Mads Troelsgaard (DK)

  • CEO & Partner at Unity Studios

  • Expert in VR, AR, MR, interactive 3D and Unity

Boye 18 Conference

On Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and bridging the real and virtual world
Emerging Tech
hursday, Nov 8

About Mads Troelsgaard

With years of experience with XR technologies, business development and being able to spot and combine future trends and business potential, Mads and his team at Unity Studios have been delivering more than a hundred successful projects to a large variety of industries and known brands worldwide. Bridging the real and virtual world through design, new technologies and user experience is his passion and mission.

About Unity Studios

Unity Studios is a pioneering software development and consultancy company centered around the Unity® technology. Unity Studios are specialized in developing as well as supporting innovative, real-time interactive 3D solutions for B2B clients and partners worldwide.

As of August 2017, Unity Studios are the first Certified Microsoft HoloLens Agency Partners based in Scandinavia.

Unity Studios