Michael Eriksen.jpg

Michael Eriksen (DK)

  • Visual Artist and Graphic Facilitator at Visuel Retning

  • Master of arts (contemporary history) and Diploma of Leadership

Boye 18 Conference

DATE: Thursday, Nov 8

About Michael Eriksen

Michael has many years of experience with communication and analysis including web communication, press, articles, strategics, consulting and graphic facilitating. For the past 7 years Michael has been with communication at the City of Vejle ind the department of Education and Learning. Here his focus areas were communication (internal/external) communication consulting, web, press releases and communicational strategies.

Since 2016 Michael has had his own consultancy, Visuel Retning, where he helps private and public organizations in creating common understanding and strategic direction by making graphic recordings and illustrations, that supports strategic initiatives.

About Visuel Retning

Visuel Retning is a consultancy that specializes in graphic facilitating and uses illustrations for organizational development. Visual Retning runs seminars in Graphic Facilitating, where you learn to draw simple icons and how to use them in meetings and in education. Visuel Retning also draws graphic recordings from conferences and seminars as well as making illustrations for books and presentations.


Here are some examples Michaels work