Nina Leskovar Kusanic (SLO)

  • Social Media Consultant

Boye 18 Conference

Roundtable discussions: Starting a blog in 2018 - who’s crazy here?
Wednesday, Nov 7

Town Hall Debate
Thursday, Nov 8

After comprehensive experience in digital and social media PR within big retail groups, Nina Leskovar Kušanić decided to take another path as a freelancer and discover opportunities from different industries, cultures, and people.

Under her management, most of the projects (in companies like Slovenian national retail giant Mercator and latest one of the most growing international retailer Lidl) she worked on, launched and coordinated received positive reviews, recognition from the industry experts, awards, as well as results.

Since January 2017, Nina moved to Paris, France and continued her work as a freelancer for partners in different industries. While learning French, meeting people from different corners of the world, traveling and enjoying the life she’s trying to get as much as possible knowledge and experience for her future projects.

With her fellow student from Brazil, she’s starting a blog on expat wife’s life (the pink one but also the other, less known side) as a real challenge in 2018 where everything is about social media influencers.

Nina continues to dream big and pursues great stories, create content and help brands and individuals to grow and challenge the status quo as well as fighting for a better world.