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Philip Illum Thonbo (DK)

  • User Experience Manager at Salling Group

Boye 18 Conference

Digital Commerce: Getting ahead of our customers  
Digital Commerce
hursday, Nov 8

About Philip Illum Thonbo

Over the last 19 years Philip has worked with digital touchpoints in brand engagement. Everything from apps and game design to loyalty programs and rich web experiences. For brands like Coca-Cola, LEGO, Microsoft, Bang-Olufsen, Ford and many more.

Philip started his career, designing and developing websites and games with Photoshop and Flash. With heavy focus on animation and motiongraphics. About half the client work he has done has been within the kids and teenage segment. designing for kids is an significantly different approach in contrast to the adapted mobile consumer. Keeping in mind that the younger users do not necessarily recognize many of the classic interaction patterns, that is used on mobile platforms or desktop.

Over the last two years Philip has been working in retail, trying to improve the user experience in eCommerce, payment apps, loyalty schemes and subscription services. Although this is radically different from games and kids branding. Having a broad sense of design can be a good thing.

In the sparetime Philip is a gamer, maker and a crafter. Everything from pumpkin carving to 3d printers and teaching kids about programming and technology in the Coding Pirates organisation.

About Salling Group

Salling Group (formerly Dansk Supermarked) is Denmark's largest retailer. Salling Group includes stores, web shops, coffee bars, restaurants and a variety of unique and well-known brands, and it’s spread over four countries.

Salling Group’s purpose is to help people improve their everyday lives through more sustainable solutions, the best customer value, opportunities for everyone and donations to society.

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