What we do

We design and deliver a unique learning and networking experience to bring similarly motivated and curious decision makers and practitioners from different organisations together.

In the digital age, meeting in person provides you with a unique opportunity to learn and grow in a professionally managed and coordinated network of colleagues who deal with similar types of initiatives, and similar kinds of challenges.

We also encourage and support informal contacts and useful networking. This means if you’re a Boye member, you benefit from direct access to a specialized international network of like-minded professionals – the people who can probably provide you with just the required answer, just the angle you’re looking for, or just the contact you need to help make sure your project is successful.

Why we do it

Many professionals find themselves detached from the knowledge of their peers and the experts in their field. Situated in both small and large organizations with colleagues, but all too often with no easy access to feedback and guidance from experts within their own field or insights.

We believe that close collaboration across borders and areas of expertise is the best remedy to this. That is why we bring professionals together for intense sharing, learning, and the discovery of new insights.

Our history and values

We have a long history trying to perfect peer learning and social networking. Dating back to 2003 by Danish Internet entrepreneur Janus Boye – hence the name. Right from the outset, the vision was clear: to help professionals access and share project know-how and experience in a friendly environment where strong professional relationships could take form. Not only guiding each other through projects, but taking an active part in each others careers.

We believe in the value of openness, friendliness and honesty in a profession where so much is based on the intangibles of know-how and experience. We’re determined to be helpful and approachable at all times. We encourage our members to give us a call if there might be any way we can help.

Read more about our history and a bit about the plans for the future in these posts:


Who is a part of it?

Boye & Company works internationally, with a member list that includes some of the biggest companies in the world and the brightest minds in the digital industry. Our team operate in several countries, including Denmark, Netherlands, US and UK. Coordinating a rapidly growing international network of groups, conferences and advisory services.

We are a small team, but this allows us to easily engage experts around the world in the Boye & Co Community. This means that we can provide our members with expert advice on a wide array of topics such as innovation, communication, data, digital solutions, automation, business strategy, transformation and organization change.

The team and your friendly experts

OkflraoI_400x400 (1).jpg

Janus Boye

Group moderator, Founder & lead

Janus has worked at the intersection of networking, innovation and digital leadership since 1998. He has focused on connecting leaders to learn from each other and create superior results in a friendly down-to-earth way. It has never been boring. When organisations like Alfa Laval, Nordea, Red Bull, United Nations and the World Health Organization need help moving their digital presence to the next level, they’ve turned to Janus for peer-to-peer consulting. Janus doesn’t write lengthy reports, but rather focus on delivering unique insights and asking good questions based on my experience and extensive network. Privately, Janus lives in an old townhouse in Aarhus with his family, and spends some of his spare time on Forældrestemmen, a non-profit that works to engage parents of all ages to ultimately improve society. Read more on his personal website.

MartinPaludan (1).jpg

Martin Paludan

Group Moderator & Communication & Marketing manager

With a background in litterature, communication and marketing, Martin is highly focused on the importance of languge in creating a strong bond between people. I have worked with digital content in a number of contexts, and to me content is about creating a connection and common ground between people.
Whether it’s a blog post featuring one of our experts, one of our webinars, our monthly newsletter or co-creating an open and friendly experience at our conferences and peer groups. On a personal note, Martin lives in a beautiful although somewhat ancient apartment in Copenhagen. When he is not helping our members, he writes novels on a blue German typewriter from the 70’s.


Anders Skjønnemand Hansen

Finance manager

Anders has a masters degree in international economics from the University of Aarhus. He has been working in finance since the very beginning of his education. Anders lives in Aarhus. In his spare time, Anders enjoys putting his logical mind to work on the chessboard.


Otto de Graaf

moderating peer groups on product management

As a former musician, Otto has seen magic happen on stage, when everything comes together.

In his professional life in Customer Experience and Marketing Technology, he’s always looking to recreate that kind of magic. For many software companies, the magic starts at the intersection of Strategy, Product and Market(ing), and aligning these to achieve the best results for the business.


Rasmus Skjoldan

Moderating peer groups on product management

Rasmus Skjoldan is currently Chief Marketing officer at Magnolia. He has a impressive track record creating road maps and developing product strategies that deliver; tackling UX, content, and marketing along the way. 


Max Bailey

Moderating Peer Groups on culture and change

Max has 10 years experience with Airbus in various roles including trying to unlock the organic agile network organisation. Also change consultant and speaker at The Tea Makers.

Max has an uncompromising methodology when it comes to change. His philosophy is that no real change can occur, if we stay in our comfort zone.


Matthew Garrepy

moderating peer groups on digital experience

Matt has 20 years of experience in both advertising and marketing. He is currently chief digital officer at Solodev.

His experience covers both business-to-business and consumer, with customers in the technology, healthcare and retail sectors. Clients have been Fortune 500 organizations - as well as start-ups and incubator companies in the early stages of funding. Matt is always focusing on not just delivering a digital product, but an actual digital experience.

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Michael Bednar-Brandt

moderating groups on corporate innovation and intrapreneurship

In his primary role Michael is Head of Business Innovation at Oracle NEXT, an international co-innovation program spawning EMEA and APAC. His extensive experience, international horizon and very human mindset will guarantee your questions, challenges and ideas will find the space they deserve within group meetings.


Karsten Bubber Outzen

Moderating groups on Customer Experience

Karsten Bubber Outzen been working in the field of communication, marketing and IT for over 15 years both as a consultant, running his own digital agency, digital strategy director at one of the largest digital agencies in Denmark with more than 250 employees across Europe. With a background in informations science he has thorough and deep knowledge of UX, marketing, strategy and communication.

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Andrew Pope

Moderating groups on workplace of the future

Andrew is partner and innovation & collaboration consultant at Innosis. In his work Andrew’s focus is on creating collaborative workplaces that stimulate innovation. He is currently working with large and medium-sized companies on building healthy digital teams, designing innovation strategies and driving behaviours that encourage co-creation across digital workplaces.