The company for your career

We have a long history trying to perfect peer learning and social networking. Dating back to 2003 by Danish Internet entrepreneur Janus Boye – hence the name. Right from the outset, the vision was clear: to help digital professionals access and share project know-how and experience in a friendly environment where strong professional relationships could take form. Not only guiding each other through projects, but taking an active part in each others careers.

Supporting opportunities

We design and deliver peer groups and conferences to bring similarly motivated digital decision makers from different organisations together, and provide them with a professionally managed and coordinated network of colleagues who deal with similar types of projects, and similar kinds of challenges.

We also encourage and support informal contacts and consultations. This means if you’re a Boye member, you benefit from direct access to a specialized international network of like-minded digital professionals – the people who can probably provide you with just the required answer, just the angle you’re looking for, or just the contact you need to help make sure your project is successful.

We believe in openness

We believe in the value of openness, friendliness and honesty in a profession where so much is based on the intangibles of know-how and experience. We’re determined to be helpful and approachable at all times. We encourage our members to give us a call if there might be any way we can help – and it’s all part of the Boye service.

International networking

Boye & Company works internationally, with a member list that includes some of the biggest companies in the world and the brightest minds in the digital industry. Our team operate in several countries, including Denmark, Netherlands, US and UK. Coordinating a rapidly growing international network of groups, conferences and advisory services.