The story of Boye & Co - and our move from J. Boye

By Janus Boye, Founder, Host and Lead at Boye & Co

By Janus Boye, Founder, Host and Lead at Boye & Co

Some of you reading this post, might have known me for years. Or, you might have almost no idea who I am or what we do at Boye & Co. If so, have a look at our mission, values and work over here.

This is the short version of who we are today, and those decisions that brought us here.

As of 1 July 2018, I started on a fresh and launched a smaller, idealistic version of the company that I started back in 2003. I bought out 4 peer groups and the conferences from J. Boye and started building the community once again. Today, my old company is still running peer groups under the name Connect Minds.

My decision to start on a fresh was about much more than a name. While the aim of bringing the best networking and learning experience remains the same, I want to highlight one crucial thing. That thing being you.

Our new name is simply a vow that we will be spending more time meeting you – and introducing you to the experts you need in your professional life. Hopefully guiding you in the direction of new solutions for as many of your career challenges as possible.

That's why the co was added to the name. Because you are the company. You and all the professionals, experts and enthusiasts that we are constantly bringing in to the network.

Having said that, there’s even more to it. New people, groups and content. A renewed focus on growing the community and on a personal level also bringing the company back to the core vision from back at the beginning in 2003.


Those of you who have been following our work for a while, will recognise some of the good old CM Forum artwork in the new look and feel. This was the name we used from 2004 to 2007, when we decided to change to J. Boye. The screenshot you can see is kindly provided by the Wayback Machine.

Initially we only had peer groups in Denmark, but today the community has grown to span groups from San Francisco via the East Coast to many groups all over Europe.