How umbraco needs to change to survive

This year the popular Umbraco Festival in Germany invited me to host a session with the thought-provoking title:

Umbraco: How it needs to change to survive

In the talk, I listed 7 areas & themes where the umbraco project needs to change:

  1. Germany – start taking Germany serious as a market

  2. Partners – much more work required to grow the partner eco-system

  3. What market are you in? – are you the developers preferred tool or competing with WordPress or something else?

  4. Raise awareness – marketing needs a stronger push

  5. New content order – content management is not what is used to be when a decade ago

  6. Make customers more succesful – because this is what fundamentally drives long-term adoption

  7. Be faster – as changes are happening quickly and customers needs to respond quicker

You can find my brief abstract below as well as the slides.

Abstract for the talk:
It is incredible to think back to 2005 when the first open source edition of Umbraco saw the light of day. Youtube was released the same year, Amazon was still mostly a bookstore, iPhones arrived in 2007, blockchain was invented in 2008, iPads came in 2010, Wifi became reliable in Danish trains circa 2015 and chatbots was the buzzword of 2017 alongside artificial intelligence.

Not that long ago, content management was still mostly about managing pages, humans were the only consumers of content and CMS was something that was very difficult to install. Janus, industry analyst and consultant, will dust off his crystal ball to take a look into the future of web content management.