A few recommended Typo3 partners in Germany

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A quick guide by Janus Boye

To most CMS professionals, it’s the implementation partner who makes or breaks any digital project. Unfortunately, navigating the agency landscape can be overwhelming and confusing. It certainly is crowded out there!

Based on a recent member request, we’ve collected this short list of recommended Typo3 partners in Germany. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it can help as a shortcut to the marketplace:

  • hmmh - known for larger and more complex setups. Based in Bremen and part of the larger plan.net / Serviceplan group.

  • Louis Internet - a new Typo3 agency which already has many customers and 40+ staff

  • Medienhandwerk - a smaller agency based in Neumünster.

  • Panama - based in Stuttgart, they also skilled in other traditional agency disciplines.

  • Sitegeist - an Hamburg-based agency which has been around longer than most (1996) and versatile in both Typo3 and Neos.

  • Wendt & Maus - a smaller agency based in Neumünster.

Did we miss some? Leave a comment below.

PS: Almost exactly 10 years ago, I compared Typo3 to a solid German car and 2009 was also the year where Aarhus University selected Typo3