A vendor-neutral evaluation of Enonic

Enonic XP is an open-source web experience platform now in version 7. The focus is on making it easy to build custom web solutions and to support content production


To help our growing member community make better technology decisions, we’ve just released a new and detailed review of Enonic.

The marketplace for web experience platforms has been growing in recent years offering you more options. Norwegian Enonic has been around for almost 20 years and has managed to reinvent itself a few times.

To quote from the executive summary in the review:

As a highly extensible, feature-rich web experience platform, Enonic is well-positioned as a cost-effective open-source alternative to proprietary solutions like EPiServer and Kentico and is also able to compete with more well-known open source alternatives like Drupal and Umbraco.

You can read much more about how Enonic could power your digital experience, key benefits and plenty of customer feedback in the 15-page review which can be freely downloaded here:

About the Enonic XP evaluation

This paper is written on the basis of the experience and knowledge of members of the Boye & Co expert team, interviews with customers of Enonic, members of the Boye community and analyst briefings by Enonic. The intention of the evaluation is to give you, as a buyer or an existing customer, an easily accessible tool to evaluate whether Enonic would be the right digital experience platform vendor for your initiatives and objectives.

The product is evaluated against the top requirements for a new digital experience platform as seen from the point of view of Boye members. Finally, we look at technology, vendor intangibles, and market trends, and provide an overall evaluation.