Jonathan Lewis (UK)

  • Team coach at Zengenti

Boye 18 Conference

Leadership, creating a context for personal growth
TRACK: Management
DATE: Thursday, Nov 8

About Jonathan Lewis

Jonathan cares about creating environments where people can fully show up to their work.

He works with teams at Zengenti to reduce the need for a power-based hierarchy. They are developing a mindset of self-management and collective support. 

Jonathan believes the process of earning a living should include personal growth. It should also avoid needless suffering.

About Zengenti

Since 2001 Zengenti have been crafting and refining our Content Management System (Contensis) to reflect and improve on web technologies as they develop. For a long time Zengenti focused our energy on Web Content Management but gradually they have discovered that their team has a great talent for providing wider products and services. Zengenti has extensive experience in building, extending and hosting websites and are now offering a more complete service. Their clients can use Zengenti as a single point of contact for hosting, design, user experience, project management and other web-related disciplines.