Digital is where brand and identity disconnects

Your brand is hopefully well incorporated into your physical buildings, printed materials and hopefully even how your colleagues act and the tone of voice, giving your customers the experience of a consistent message.

Where most organisations are struggling is when it comes to the digital channels, such as the corporate website, which may have the right corporate look and feel, but lacks quality and consistency.

It gets even worse when it comes to social media that craves interaction, transparency and real answers around the clock.

How do you make your digital activities align with your identity to prevent damaging or undermining your brand?

A digital identity is much than quality text and nice colors

In many cases brands who are interested in promoting their image online, doesn’t even have a manifested brand identity yet, which makes the problem even more apparent. The barriers of creating a coherent brand image are many, but identity is really about these two components:

  • Your “subjective self-image”

  • How others perceive you

Getting to the subjective self-image of any large, complex and international organisation can be a tough challenge. The fact is that today many corporate websites are actually ‘clients’ that have been dressed up by their agency with appealing visuals and smart text.

At the same time, figuring out the sum of the conversations about you takes quite a bit more than fancy social media monitoring solutions. Often the power of your brand can be so strong that it gets in the way of getting to the truth about how others perceive your organisation. This in turns leads to digital solutions that confuse customers and negatively impact others perception.

What if your brand could truly live its purpose?

Beyond brand marketing there is brand actualization. Brands living their purpose across their operations, products, partnerships and practices.

Are you ready to shift the ways you’ve traditionally approached your company’s marketing?

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