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Otto de Graaf (NL)

Boye 19 Aarhus Conference

TRACK LEADER: Product management
DATE: Tuesday, November 5

Boye 18 Conference

Product Manager peer group  
DATE: Monday, Nov 5

About Otto de Graaf

As a former musician, Otto has seen magic happen on stage, when everything comes together, and individual musicians morph into a band that acts as a single living being.

In his professional life in Customer Experience and Marketing Technology, he’s always looking to recreate that kind of magic. For many software companies, the magic starts at the intersection of Strategy, Product and Market(ing), and aligning these to achieve the best results for the business.

About The Leadership Game

The Leadership Game helps software companies build a foundation for growth and leadership in their market segments. As a trusted advisor to founders, entrepreneurs and the leadership team, it uses a framework to (re)frame core growth issues and make decisions on strategic direction. It also helps the leadership team of those companies to go through this change process.

Articles by Otto

  • Data up and down (notes from product management peer group meetings in September 2019)

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