Designing Connected Content - a 2019 update

With digital content published across more channels than ever before, how can you make yours easy to find, use, and share? Is your content ready for the next wave of content platforms and devices?

It has been almost 2 years since Carrie Hane published the Designing Connected Content book together with Mike Atherton. In our recent member conference call, Carrie shared learnings from after the book went to print.

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Building a Content Contributor Community

When you have a lot of content contributors - people creating content and adding that content to digital channels - you need a way to keep them all on the same (metaphorical) page. When they’re all in different departments and different countries, with different skill levels, working on separate but interconnected sites, in multiple languages, things can devolve into chaos pretty quickly.

Alignment will bring a consistent voice to every web page and every channel, and keep quality standards higher for writing, imagery, and other content, but finding a how-to guide has been hard. This is my attempt to create one

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SEO strategy will become content strategy

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is widely known as a tactical discipline focused on optimising for Google and ensuring that at least some of your content gets found.

At recent J. Boye group meetings, I’ve noticed that SEO has become a much more strategic topic and even a driving force when it comes to content strategy. In other words, SEO informs content creation and curation including the decisions on what goes on the website.

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