Looking for a group of peers? 

Consider joining a community where everything is centered around building strong relationships with innovators and digital leaders. Below you will find more about the benefits of joining a peer group, as well as links to each group with more information about the different topics.

As a member, you also gain access to our regular conference calls.

Your career benefits

  • Enjoying honest conversations in a confidential forum.

  • Learning from the experience of others facing similar challenges.

  • Receiving inspiration from peers in other industries or organisations.

  • Sharing your ideas or challenges and receiving honest feedback and advice.

  • Furthering your career through extending your network and being better equipped for your job 

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We’re a network for people who

  • Care about results as well as the journey

  • Connect on a deeper level with peers, building relationships that last a lifetime

  • Are willing to work with complexity without simplifying it

  • Work with meaning and purpose over personal gains

Our approach takes courage – we make ourselves vulnerable in order to learn, and we come from a place of trust over fear.

Who’s a part of it?

The community has become an established hub for change agents in Europe and North America. Member organisations vary from large, complex and global to ambitious start-ups. Among the active members are ABB, Bloomreach, Contentful, Coremedia, Crownpeak, Ecotricity, GEA, Kentico, KPS, LexisNexis and University of Copenhagen