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Upcoming conference calls

  • 12 August: Blockchain & cybercurrencies with Frank Jepsen

  • 3 September: Search engine optimization - how to do it right with Jesper Conrad

Call in details are shared with members in advance. Access to the calls require membership - why not consider becoming a member? It starts at the price of less than a Netflix subscription.

Recent conference calls:

  • 18 June: Remote working with John Eckman from 10up (read more in this follow up posting: How to Make Remote Working Successful)

  • 6 June: The resurgence of single sign-on with Shawn Moore from Solodev

  • 28 May: Digital policies with Kristina Podnar

  • 16 May: The rise and upcoming fall of employee experience with Janus Boye

  • 29 April: RPA update with Klaus Paul, Senior Simplification Manager at Vodafone

  • 24 April: Chatbots with Rune Stæhr, City of Roskilde

  • 2 April: Kathy Wagner on incorporating content strategy insights into your product research

  • 20 March: Content operations with Angus Edwardson, GatherContent

More about our conference calls

The topics of our conference calls span over the topics of our groups and conferences; recent topics include automation, innovation, blockchain & cybercurrencies, customer experience, communication and culture change.

Each conference call brings an expert into play, but also has time for discussion and Q&A. The conference calls are moderated by someone from Boye & Co, and slides and key takeways are made available to all members following the call.

Below you will find a snapshot of a couple of the topics covered during the past months. Feel free to get in touch, if there is a topic you would like to explore.


THe gig economy - with change expert max bailey

The GIG economy is about companies offering people to perform small, well defined tasks and projects.

Uber and Airbnb might be the most well-known example of the GIG economy.

What really makes this growing, is the faith people are now having in these concepts. Not that many years ago it might be thought of as strange to have people living in your house, but now people are accustomed to the GIG platforms and are making money on them.


digital experience with Matthew Garrepy

Everything between people is an experience. At some point in time we forgot that. The touch points by people are advanced by digital technology. It’s not just one tool or technology. The most important thing here is the customer. It’s not a digital experience - it’s a human experience.

Digital get stuck at the technology layer. We shouldn’t just strive to complete one specific goal.

deane-barker-headshot (3).jpg

umbraco with Deane Barker

These days, every CMS vendor want to become a customer experience management tool; this is why you see all these tools added in.

Umbraco is focusing on simply being a core content management framework, but they have 1200 add ons available, many of them are marketing focused.