It’s the people using it that will make or break any search application

Too often we don’t find what we are looking for when using the organization’s own search application. Whether it’s on the corporate site or the intranet. As a result, we waste time, scrolling for the content or fleeing back to Google, because we accept a somewhat saddening fact; that Google has a seemingly better overview of our content than anyone in our own organization.  

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Unleash digital talent to achieve transformation

Despite billions of pounds of investment in technology and organisational change across the private and public sector, managers and employees can feel that ‘transformation’ is an unachievable ideal. By its very nature, transformation should be finite – with a beginning, middle and end. And both managers and employees should be able to see the progression at every stage.

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Six strategic steps for succeeding with digital communication

If you google “communication tips”, you will get a large number of articles such as “Three ways to use [insert latest hot digital tool]”. While simple tips like these are great, they usually won’t help you beyond the current season. In times of constant change, we also need something more substantial that we can strive towards.

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Content and collaboration: Your transformation strategy?

Every transformation effort requires a strategy - a plan for the activities and a clear vision to make it happen. When it comes to sustainable change, teams require a structured and systematic approach to ensure that people, processes, and technology are considered. Taking this broader view ensures that we think past common obstacles and shift thinking past a “project mentality”, into a “practice mentality”.

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Your website needs radically more pages

During the past years, many digital projects have focused on trimming websites by making them leaner, cleaner and more effective in solving the key tasks of their customers. 

Many websites suffer from so-called redundant, outdated and trivial (ROT) pages and it makes much sense to continuously address this problem from spiraling out of control.

Still if you want to take a customer-first approach, you need to add radically more pages to your site. 

To understand why, let’s first take a step back. 

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Goodbye middle management, hello collaboration: How we will be working in five years

The workplace of tomorrow is long overdue. It sounds like an anomaly, but think about it. Today's workplace runs still largely according to Victorian values. We come to a workplace where we are managed in hierarchical structures, kept in one place for set hours every day, then go home to our 'other' lives.

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Marketing wants this. Development wants that. What is a digital leader to do?

When you look at how to speed up a complex digital project and deliver high-quality end-user experiences, the palette of options placed in front of you is daunting. It’s never a binary decision what to do next.

What I’m seeing experienced digital managers do—when their organizational challenges get too wild—is to put shared tools in front of di!erent teams with di!erent needs. That way, they nudge their divergent teams to work together on advancing projects.

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